Central Ishinomaki | CURATOR:KAORU ARIMA


Born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1994. Based in Ishinomaki city. Graduated from Shobi Music College (vocational school) in 2015. She started to take photographs while she was studying at the vocational school. Mainly shooting 35mm film, she shows her works on Instagram and her own website. She takes photographs mainly of live concerts and ordinary scenery. She has participated in Camera People, “Dare ga nanto iouto daisukina shashin” (My Favorite Photos no matter what others say) (Tokyo, 2015), “Shiogama Photo Festival 2018” (Miyagi Prefecture, 2018), and “#Photography Exhibition 2019, Genkiga deru shashin” (Photographs that make people peppy) (Tokyo, 2019). She was awarded Shop Manager Award, Kitamura Camera Shop, Daikanyama in Tokyo in 2019.