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Pointers for your trip to the Reborn-Art Festival

How to get there

From Tokyo Station, it is about 100 minutes to Sendai Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen. From Sendai Station, take the Senseki-Tohoku Line to Ishinomaki Station, about a one-hour trip (surprisingly quick!) It is about an hour by car from Ishinomaki Station to the Ayukawa area at the tip of the Oshika Peninsula. Boats to Aji Island depart from Central Ishinomaki and Ayukawa. We recommend either driving (renting a car) and moving around freely, or taking an official bus tour with a guide and lunch included.

What to see

In seven areas, seven teams of curators have organized exhibits of art by approximately 60 artists or groups, there will be various musical events including an opening performance and an opera, and dining experiences will enable visitors to explore the region more deeply through local cuisine. Enjoy the works of diverse creators (musicians, chefs, artists) to the fullest!

What to eat

Among the festival’s food projects is Ishinomaki Food Adventure, a tour of local cuisine and ingredients with the concept “Before We Cook – the Nature of Food.” At the Reborn-Art DINING restaurant, eminent chefs express the region’s culinary blessings directly on the plate. Another eatery, Hama-Saisai, is managed by the cheerful and energetic Hama no Okaa-san (Seaside Mothers) group, which serves dishes prepared with local ingredients.

Where to stay

Visitors to the Reborn-Art Festival will want to stay at least one night. Options include Momonoura Village, the Reborn-Art Festival’s official accommodation and experiential facility, where you can not only spend the night, but also learn about and try your hand at “reborn art”! There is a wide range of other accommodations facilities in the festival area. Also, note the special art project, the “Happening on the Night Side” and “Poet’s House.”


Only about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Ishinomaki by train
1 hour from Central Ishinomaki to Ayukawa by car
1 hour from Central Ishinomaki to Ajishima Island by ship
* Times required for various routes or car, bus, ferry trips, etc. are estimates. Please be sure to follow the directions provided by public transit operators, as there may be significant changes depending on weather and traffic conditions on the day.


Viewing works of art at the Reborn-Art Festival
requires an event passport
Visitors need a special passport to view both indoor
and outdoor art works by various artists in Ishinomaki City
and on the Oshika Peninsula and Ajishima Island.

【 Price 】

*Junior high school students and younger are free
*Prices include tax

【 Purchase procedure 】

Purchase an advance voucher on the special website, and exchange it for a passport at the Reborn-Art Festival’s key information offices (to be set up at multiple locations in Ishinomaki City and on the Oshika Peninsula) while the festival is in session.


Official tours enable viewers to see almost all the works
“Reborn-Art tour” now on sale!
During the festival, there will be bus tours around the Oshika Peninsula
and Ajishima. On both tours, participants assemble in the morning, travel by bus,
listen to talks by guides and view major works of art, and disband in the evening.

Advantages of Taking a Tour

(1) See virtually all the works
Those who stay overnight and participate in both tours will be able to view almost all the works (those in the Ishinomaki Station area and the Central Ishinomaki area can be freely viewed after the Ajishima Tour, etc.).
(2) Guides give talks about highlights
Primarily while on the bus, guides will introduce works of art, unique local features, history and more.
(3) Savor cuisine made with local ingredients
Lunch prepared with fresh seafood and other local ingredients will be served at a traditional inn on Kobuchihama Beach or Kyubunhama Beach on the Oshika Peninsula (those not driving after the tour can also enjoy local sake for an additional fee).
(4) Optimize use of time during your trip
A bus tour enables you to make more efficient use of your time than if you rent a car.
(5) Get back to Tokyo the same night
Even after taking the Oshika Peninsula course, participants are scheduled to arrive at Tokyo Station at 21:00.
(6) Single participants welcome
A single person can participate if they apply by 11:00 three days prior to the tour.

Oshika Peninsula Course

Fee:9,800YEN (tax in) for Japanese tour
Fee:237.91USD (tax in) for English tour

*Passport to view works sold separately.

Ishinomaki Station (depart at 10:00) → Oginohama area → Kozumi area → Lunch at traditional Japanese inn → Ayukawa area → Momonoura area → Ishinomaki Station (arrival at 17:35)

*Number of works of art viewed: About 30
*Application deadline: 11:00 three days prior

Ajishima Course

Fee:6,800YEN (tax in) for Japanese tour

*Passport to view works sold separately.

Aji Port (depart at 10:00) → North Ajishima → Central Ajishima → Lunch (special boxed lunch made by traditional Japanese inn Shiomi-so) → South Ajishima → Futawatashi Port (arrival at 14:30)

*Number of works of art viewed: About 20
*Application deadline: 11:00 two days prior

*A single person can participate if you apply to the tour by 11:00 three days prior for Oshika Peninsula Course, and by 11:00 two days prior for Ajishima Course.
*After completing the Ajishima tour, participants can freely view the Ishinomaki Station and Central Ishinomaki areas.
*As a rule, participants are free to view works at their own pace within areas in Oshika Peninsula Course.
*Passport to view works and tickets to board the ship sold separately.
*Please see here for the timetable of the ship to and from Ajishima.

Tours planned and sales conducted by:
Ishinomaki Regional Tourism Promotion Organization

Tours operated by:
North Japan Tours Co., Ltd.

Ishinomaki Regional Tourism Promotion Organization

Emergency contact number: 0225-98-8285
(10:00-17:00, only while festival is in session, August 3 – September 29)