Yayoi Arimoto + Nozomu Onodera

Photographer Yayoi Arimoto, who travels around the world capturing the varied beauty within the cultural background of food, clothing and shelter in different areas, and hunter Nozomu Onodera, who is engaged in curtailing harmful overpopulation of Japanese shika deer on the Oshika Peninsula as well as hunting, gathering, and public outreach regarding food sources, have collaborated on a project for the Reborn-Art Festival. Based at FERMENTO, which processes the deer and delivers the natural blessings of the Oshika Peninsula, the project documents Onodera’s way of life, which entails entering the hills, picking wild plants, pursuing wild animals, and living on the fruits of these activities.

Yayoi Arimoto
Born in 1970 in Tokyo. Published photo collections include Magical Transit Days (Artbeat Publishers), BEASTS OF MINE (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.), and The Man Who Carves Bears (Shogakukan).

Nozomu Onodera
Born in 1967, Kesennuma, Miyagi. Lives and works in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi. Member of the Miyagi Prefectural Hunting Club, Ishinomaki branch, and is active under the moniker Antler Crafts. Onodera has been involved with the Reborn-Art Festival since 2017 and manages FERMENTO.