Central Ishinomaki | CURATOR:KAORU ARIMA

Hiromi Furusato

Born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1987. Based in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University in 2011. After working at a studio in Tokyo, she moved to Ishinomaki to work as recording/public relations staff of NPO, and went independent. Her major exhibitions include “Umi to tomoni Ikiru” (Living with the Ocean) at Design Festa Gallery Harajuku, a group exhibition in 2012, “Hikari to Kage” (Light and Shadow), a solo exhibition at Makikomu in Ishinomaki in 2013, “mabayui mono tachi/tsuzuku” (resplendent things/continue) at Ishinomori Manga Museum, a group exhibition in 2017, and in the same year, “tsuzuku 2” (Reborn Art Festival 2017 collaboration project, group exhibition). She also held Nostalgia, a solo exhibition at Gallery setten., Ishinomaki in 2018, and “the depth of things in 2019”, and was awarded the Good Prize Award at the 47th APA Award 2019 by Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association, a public-interest incorporated association. She thinks that photography always means facing the world, and taking photographs is a work to leave “something” for the future. She continues to make photography works in the theme of life and death, a sense of loss, and leaving proof that something existed by making it visible.