Zon Ito + Ryoko Aoki

Zon Ito
1971 Born in Osaka Prefecture
2003 “The End of the Neighborhood”, solo exhibition at Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
2016 “The Strange Moves That We Make”, solo exhibition at Taka Ishii Gallery

Ryoko Aoki
1974 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
2007 Participated in documenta 12
2018 “Notebook Forgotten at Three Party Meeting”, solo exhibition at Take Ninagawa

Zon Ito produces small sculptural forms and clay paintings in addition to embroidery works.

Ryoko Aoki creates installations that combine images of animals and plants, fragments from the everyday, geometric patterns and other motifs drawn in succession.

While continuing to work individually, since 2000 Aoki and Ito have collaborated on a number of works centered on animation. In recent years their video installation, The State One Reaches by the Age of Nine, which deals with themes of psychological development based on the essays of mathematician Kiyoshi Oka, has been shown in Japan and internationally.
  • Beach, Hands and Brains, 2017