Central Ishinomaki | CURATOR:KAORU ARIMA

Rena Kudo

Photo: Hiromi FURUSATO

Born in Miyagi Prefecture in 1994. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Western painting, Fine Arts, School of Art, Tohoku University of Art and Design. . Based on her personal chaos such as anonymous memories mixed together while she moves around different areas, her child self that she cannot discard, and dreams that seem abrupt, she expresses them in painting, pottery, drawing and so on to create a world that one feels like they have seen it but have not actually seen it. At present, she does not have a base staying at different places mainly in Asia and makes her work while she travels. Her solo exhibitions are “anima” at POST Gallery 4GATS (Tokyo, 2017), “touchable murmur” at GALVANIZE Gallery (Miyagi, 2018), and “avatar” at Painting Laboratory 303, Kyoto University of Art & Design (Kyoto, 2018). Group exhibitions she participated in include “Asia International Ceramic Exchange Exhibition” at Clayarch Gimhae Museum (South Korea, 2019).
  • 《anima》Photo: Hideki Ozuchi