Ryuichi Ishikawa

Photo: Shimabuku

Photographer, born in Okinawa in 1984. Graduated from Okinawa International University, Department of Society and Regional Culture. Ishikawa became involved with photography while at university. In 2008 he began studying under the avant-garde dancer Seiryu Shiba, and until around 2013 worked as Shiba’s assistant and photographed him while also appearing on stage. In 2010 he started studying under the photographer Tetsushi Yuzaki. He served as his assistant in a variety of planning and practical capacities including shooting photographs, organizing exhibitions, producing photography books, and conducting classroom lecture-style workshops. In 2014 Ishikawa’s snapshot-style photographs of Okinawan people in their local environments were published by AKAAKA Art Publishing Inc. in okinawan portraits 2010-2012 and A Grand Polyphony, and he won the Kimura Ihei Award, the Photographic Society of Japan Newcomer’s Award, and the Okinawa Times Encouragement Award for the Arts.

In recent years, in addition to snapshot-style everyday scenes and portraits, he has presented series that grapple with the contradictions and chaos of the current era while finding light in unexpected places, including home work, which presents the scenery, people, fighter planes and so forth that he can see from his apartment window as variable elements in consistent spaces, and MITSUGU, which captures the life of a gay man and the death of his mother in still and moving images. Ishikawa is active overseas as well as in Japan, and works in a wide range of media including video, collaborations with artists of other genres, and sessions with musicians.