Central Ishinomaki | CURATOR:KAORU ARIMA

Sakura Koretsune

Photo: Kohei SHIKAMA

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1986. Based in Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2010. Completed the graduate course of Research on Local Design Studies. She has been an academic researcher at Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University since 2018. She has conducted fieldwork and interviews about whale fishing, fishing culture and spiritual culture of the ocean in Alaska and various parts of Tohoku district. She made them into “little press,” embroideries and three-dimensional works. She has been publishing the little press Arifureta Kujira (Ordinary Whales) (vol. 1~5) since 2016. She participated in “Compilations of Memories and Records, New “Artists Today” Exhibition 2017” at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery in 2017. She held her solo exhibition “N.E. blood 21: vol. 67, Sakura Koretsune” at Rias Ark Museum of Art in Kesennuma city, Miyagi Prefecture in 2018. In the same year, she participated in the project exhibition “Gendai Yamagata Ko”(Studies on Contemporary Yamagata) of “Yamagata Biennale 2018”. She unfolds expressions that pass on memories of individuals living in different regions as “textures of history”.