Momonoura Area

Momonoura is a fishing community in the northwest Oshika Peninsula with a thriving oyster cultivation industry. The venues include an open space between the seawall and newly constructed housing, the former Oginohama Elementary School, and the Momonoura Village, the Reborn-Art Festival’s official accommodation and experiential facility, which offers various activities for visitors to enjoy.


Living Space

Takeshi Kobayashi

A “living space” refers to a living room, a place one belongs to, or one’s living environment.
As places where people live from the past towards the future,
such dwellings shelter thoughts and memories that continue to endure.
The villages of Oshika Peninsula, where people have long lived close to nature,
witnessed profound changes to such living spaces.
The large sea wall erected after the disaster secured tranquility for the area,
but also deprived it of its scenery.
Amidst such dramatic changes, this art project explores
“living space” as a continuous “place for living” in areas of Oshika Peninsula
and Momonoura that still intensely retain traces and memories of the past.
In addition to a daytime exhibition of art centered around Momonoura Village
—providing the only official lodging for visitors—
and the abandoned building of former Oginohama Elementary School,
the unique all-night event Yorugawa no Dekigoto is also planned during the festival.


Takeshi Kobayashi

Musician and the director of AP Bank. Takeshi Kobayashi has produced the albums of many of Japan’s leading artists. He has also written the scores for several films, including Swallowtail and All About Lily Chou-Chou. He established the non-profit organization AP Bank in 2003. Starting with the provision of loans for environmental projects, AP Bank has also organized the outdoor music event ap bank fes, and continues to support regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Kobayashi also runs a farm in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, and is developing a project that aims to visualize the circulation of food. He has served as the chair of the executive committee and production committee for the Reborn Art Festival, which supports reconstruction efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake. For the Reborn Art Festival in 2017, he co-produced the installation work D.E.A.U together with visual design studio WOW and balloon artist DAISY BALLOON.


Momonoura Area MAP